Chat & Prayer

Hi guys! I’ve decided to add a chat/prayer page to my blog. If you’d like to chat or have a prayer request, just comment bellow!

My chat page rules:

  • No inappropriate words or content
  • Respect others
  • Have fun chatting!

51 thoughts on “Chat & Prayer

  1. Hey! My prayer request is for everyone leading my country (USA). With covid right now, things are jumbled, and there is so much evil evident in the world. Praying that God would help guide our people in leadership, even if they don’t know Him; And if they don’t know Him, that they would begin to understand all that He has done in their lives!

    What’s something I can be praying for you about?

    ~Amber ❤ ❤

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    1. Hello! Oh, I’ll definitely be praying for that. I live in the U.S. too. I’ve been praying for something similar recently, that is the Asian hate and physical violence that’s done every day. I’ve been praying that they would come to know Jesus. You could join me in that prayer.❤

      Thank you so much!


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  2. Dear Miriam,
    I’m sorry my sister copied your blog. You might be confused, but here’s what really happened: I was recommended to wordpress. So I made a blog. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling her. She got onto my blog, and copied everyone I was following! So I apologize for her. You do not have to accept my apology. Also, my name is Angelina. Crystal is my sister’s name.

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