We can swap our buttons here! Please check out these amazing blogs and give them a follow. Please comment below if you’d like to swap. This is my button:

Blogs I’ve swapped with:


133 thoughts on “Buttons

    1. So, a button is a logo for your blog. When you’ve created a button you create a page on your blog for buttons. When your button is displayed on your blog, other bloggers can request to swap buttons with you. When you swap buttons the blogger that requested to swap with you puts your button on their blog and you do the same. When you put other buttons up you attach a link to their blog. It’s like free advertising for your blog. Does that make sense?

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        1. Ok. If you’d like to create a button and create a button page, I could design one for you or you could design one yourself. I use Canva for my blog designing. I could help you understand it more too. 😉 It’s totally up to you though. I won’t be offend if you don’t want to.

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            1. Yeah, of course! Could I have your email to send them to you? If your not comfortable sending me your email here, just send me your email thought my “contact” page. I’ll give you further instructions from there. 😉


        1. From what I see on your new blog, the button is the same. Is this right? Should the blog link be updated? If no, that’s fine. I just wanted to make sure.😉


    1. Hello! Yes, I’d love to swap with you! Thank you so much for commenting. I’ll get it up right away!

      Sorry for the late reply. I approved this comment, but I forgot to respond.

      Have a great day!


    1. Hello! Awww, thank you so much! This comment made my day. Wow, I’m so honored!

      Yes, I’d love to swap buttons. I’ll get yours up right away.

      This comment reminded me that I haven’t responded to your email yet. I’m very sorry and I’ll respond to that now.

      Also, I’m sorry for the late reply. As I mentioned in my latest post I took an unintentional break.

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