My December Bullet Journal Spreads *Christmas Themed* | Blogmas Day 3

Hello and welcome! It’s Blogmas day 3!

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my December bullet journal spreads that are Christmas-themed! These are some of my favorite posts I write here, and now that they’re Christmas-themed, I’m even more excited! But first…

Bible Verse: When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. – Matthew 2:10

Prayer Prompt: Pray for your faith. Pray that your relationship with the Lord would grow and that you can look like Jesus more every day.

This month’s theme is what I like to call “a vintage Christmas” because the trees I drew throughout the spreads look vintage-y a little. I kept the spreads modern with lots of vertical lines and added simple Christmas trees wherever they fit. I also included extra spreads for the holiday season and didn’t use some that I regularly would. As it is simple, I won’t need to do much explaining because they’re self-explanitory.

I also tried and take some aesthetic pictures of the spreads on a green blanket with fairy lights (I love fairy lights!). Keep in mind, I’m in no way a photographer. They didn’t turn out exactly like I thought they would, but I put some effort into making them festive, and I’m proud of myself for that.

This is my quote and cover page. I wrote out Isaiah 9:6 (which was yesterday’s Bible verse) in two different fonts and added some Christmas trees above. I then created this wreath in which I used a similar technique and write December inside.

Next, my calendar page! I didn’t add any vertical lines to make it more open and modern looking and added Christmas trees and the word December on the top.

These are my weekly spreads. Again, very simple with horizontal lines only and Christmas trees added on those lines. I created five of these for each week of December.

These are some of my Christmas spreads! I created this countdown to Christmas by doodling 25 Christmas doodles. Every day, I color in one of those depending on the days till Christmas. This is my favorite festive spread I did because it’s so fun to color every day!

And my gift planner! It says “gift guide”, but I meant to write “gift planner”, so just ignore that. The sections say name, gift, budget, purchased, wrapped, sent/ready, and notes. This is such an easy way to plan and organize gifts this season.

And these are the regular trackers that I use every month. I left one black in the bottom right corner that I later write “skincare” under. If I complete a habit, I’ll mark it with a green dot. It’s like a reward for completing my habits! And my mood tracker! There’s nothing different bout it esept some new emotions/feelings.

And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this post!

What is your December bullet journal theme? What are your December habits? Do you love fairy lights?


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32 thoughts on “My December Bullet Journal Spreads *Christmas Themed* | Blogmas Day 3

  1. Absolutely Adorable!!! I’ve switched up my journaling so much in the last year, I used to do typical bullet journaling but now it’s more of art journaling! I need to do something for December for sure!! Loved this! ❤️🎄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eeee! I was so excited when I saw this is your post for today!
    Ahh the quote with trees on your title page looks amazing! 😍💚 also the photoshoot you did with the blanket and fairy lights turned out great! I think you should do more flatlay photography 😍😍
    Aww your advent page looks amazing! Those Christmas doodles are sooooo cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love that you are doing your blogmas with Christ-centered posts, where you have the bible quote and prayer prompt! I think that people always get really wrapped up in the festivities of the holiday and don’t spend enough time thinking about the actual meaning of Christmas.
    I love all of the journal spreads you do! They are so nice and creative! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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