Happy Birthday to…

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, girls! This is literally so sweet!

I’m so thankful to have friends like you! Thank you for everything!

I love you guys so much! This made my birthday so special! *eyes water up*

I Have 12% of a Plan

Hello diamonds! Did you know it’s someone’s birthday?

That’s right, it’s the birthday of our dear Miriam!

(This is why I didn’t post yesterday…because I was working on this)

Anyway, some bloggers and I got together to create a super special birthday scrapbook for Miriam! I hope you enjoy my friend!

Happy Happy Birthday To my best friend Miriam!!!! I hope your day is extra special and filled with lots of fun and laughter!!!!! I hope it’s the best birthday ever!!!!! I love you soooo much sis!!!


Happy Birthday, Mike!
Its been a blessing getting to know you over the past year! Your such a great friend to me!
I love you so much!


Happy Birthday Miriam!! 🥳🥳 Youa re a great friend and you have such great advice! Thanks for helping me when needed. You are a lovely person and blogger!❤💕
Have a great birthday🎂


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