My August Bullet Journal Spreads

Hello and welcome!

Yes, it’s Wednesday. But, this is Tuesday’s post for the week.

In today’s post, I’ll be showing you my August bullet journal spreads. I was rushed on my spreads this month, so I went for a simple theme. I don’t actually have a “theme” for this month, but more of a shape and color scheme. I chose squares and a coral/pink color. It gives me retro 80’s vibes a little bit. I know, I usually like to choose a cute, aesthetic theme, but this is what worked for this month. Let’s get right into it!

Here’s the very first page of the spreads for this month! I added one of my favorite verses, Philippians 4:13, as a reminder that I CAN do all things through HIM who strengthens me. Then, I have the simple August lettering on the right.

Next up. my calendar! Again, very simple.

Here are the weekly spreads.

And I brought back the mood spread! I’ve been enjoying tracking moods, that is when I remember.

This is the habits page! This page uses a very simple layout, but it’s my favorite layout for tracking habits.

This is my sleep tracker!

And here’s a new page! This is the Bible and prayer page. I added a Bible tracker and I haven’t used it all that much, but I’m working on tracking what I read more often. Then, of course, the prayer section, where I write down prayer requests. Note: Please be praying for Afghanistan!

That’s all for this post! Sorry, it’s a but shorter than usual. Thank you so much for reading!

What was your August bullet journal theme?

39 thoughts on “My August Bullet Journal Spreads

  1. Love it!
    I started a bullet journal in august, I just wanted to get used to it, so I went for different colors of flowers. I like it, but for September I’d like to do it more themed. ( :

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