DIY Binoculars For Your Stuffed Animal | Guest Post by Miriam

This is Tuesday’s post for this week.

Build A Bears Furever

Hello and welcome back to BABF! It’s Miriam here guest posting a craft you can make for you and your stuffed animals. If you don’t already know me, I blog over at Inside Miriam’s Mind. Thank you so much, Diamond, for this amazing opportunity!

Today, Chilly and I are showing you how to make your binoculars! Chilly is one of my stuffed animals! Go ahead, introduce yourself Chilly.

*Chilly speaking* Hello guys! How are you doing? Like Miriam already said, my name’s Chilly. I’m a polar bear, but I won’t hurt you. I’m very kind and sweet.

I love the outdoors, especially the Arctic, which is where I’m from. I’m so happy to share with you a great craft for you to do with all of your friends. These are easy to make, and very stylish for all the outdoor activities you’ll use them for.


*Miriam speaking * Thanks…

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19 thoughts on “DIY Binoculars For Your Stuffed Animal | Guest Post by Miriam

  1. Hey there Miriam! Nabeeha Jameel from BrainStorms here! You have been featured in my latest post, “New Blogs to check out + BrainStorm Award nominations”. Your blog has been nominated for the BrainStorms award. Congratulations! 💞

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