A Birthday Surprise for Liz

Hello and welcome! I’ve got some great news: we’re celebrating Liz’s birthday today!

Liz @ Above The Clouds is an incredibly sweet blogger! She’s loves reading, dancing, music, dogs, and most importantly, Jesus!

Her friends and I put together a birthday video to celebrate this lovely lady! Please, if you haven’t already, wish this girl the happiest of birthdays by re-blogging, commenting on her blog, or commenting on this post. We want to make this a special celebration for her!

Wasn’t that great? We hope you enjoyed the video we created, Liz!

Thank you to everyone who summited videos and messages!

Happy birthday again, Liz! We love you so, so much!

35 thoughts on “A Birthday Surprise for Liz

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! (Also, autocorrect tried to change birthday to cheddar…. So imma wish you a happy cheddar too🧀)

    Girl, you are definitely one of the very best friends that I’ve ever had, and I am seriously so thankful to the Lord for putting you in my life!!

    ~Anna aka. Naan

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  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!! In case you couldn’t read my card, it said
    “Happy Birthday L-I-Z”
    I’m so grateful for our friendship💎- you’re a GEM
    I hope you have the bestest bday yet, love ya!!!
    (And I drew a stick figure with a present!!♥️)

    And mirm, AMAZING job on compiling the wishes, the video is sooo awesome!!😌👌

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  3. GUYS!! I’m on the verge of tears… you guts are the sweetest! 🥺 I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO SO MUCH!! You’re the best friends I could ask for. Thank you for supporting me and making my birthday amazing!! 🤗 I’m so thankful for you all. Thank you Miriam and everyone else for putting in so much effort!! I’m not even kidding a tear just escaped my eye 🥺😘 I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW AMAZING YOU GUYS ARE!!
    And thank you Mirm for putting all this together 🥺 *hugs* Love you!! ❤️

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