May Wrap-Up

Hello there! Welcome back!

I had a very fun, very busy May. I’ve wrapped up all my school year commitments and today’s my first official day summer break! I’m so excited!

This month was a big blogging month. I just reached 200 followers! Thank you all so much! A celebration post is coming soon, so stay tuned! I also did a face reveal this month! I’m so glad you all can see my face! This is also my 50th post! Wow! A lot has happened on here in May.

My May Posts (all from Inside Miriam’s Mind):

My May 2021 Bullet Journal Spreads

Jesus Loves You & Me

6 Month Blogiversary + Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway

Starbucks Gift Card Winner

Last Day of School Celebration + Face Reveal

My June Goals:

  • Post twice a week every week
  • Run at least 1 mile 6/7 days a week
  • Write in my journal every day

That brings this post to a close. I’m slowly adding more into my wrap-up posts so they’re more interesting, so next month will hopefully be more entertaining!

Thank you so much for reading! What was your favorite post of mine this month? How was your May? I’d love to chat with you in the comments.

26 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up

  1. Congratulations on 200 followers, Miriam! Happy 50th post too!🥳 My favorite post of yours this month is Jesus Loves You and Me. I love how you expressed Jesus’ unmeasurable and unconditional love for us. Keep up the excellent work! ❤

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  2. Wow, you have such noble goals for June! I don’t think I could compete with you for the mile one. I have never liked running. XD
    I loved your Jesus Loves You & Me post! Such a beautiful message and I’m so glad you shared it.
    My May was pretty good. I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year… time flies!

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    1. Thank you so much, Joy Caroline!❤️ Haha, I actually love it! I feel like running is one of those things you either love it or hate it.😂
      That was my favorite post too.🥰
      I’m glad! I know, it’s crazy! We’re 1/2 down with the year, what happened?🙃

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  3. Woohoo June! Hellooooo summa!!! That’s awesome you set a goal to run a mile every day!! My goals are to go running for 20-ish minutes every other day. I’m also doing this thing with my family where we’re doing 100 push ups, 50 sit ups, and 50 crunches every day, so that will be a challenge. Well anyways, happy June! I hope you have a good one!! 😉

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    1. Yay, June’s here!🥳 Yeah, I enjoy running! 🏃‍♀️

      Whoa, that sounds like an awesome challenge! You’ve got this!💪

      Thank you! You too!❤

      P.S. Sorry for the late reply. WordPress decided to not notify me. *facepalm*

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